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List Collection Membership

For full details, please see http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7308-collection-membership/#entry27677 select C.Name from dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership FCM join dbo.v_Collection C on C.CollectionID = FCM.CollectionID Where FCM.Name = ‘Gartek-DC’

PC Serial Number by OU.

For full details, please see http://www.myitforum.com/forums/Active-Directory-Discovery-additional-Attributes-and-broken-reports-and-queries-m238462.aspx select distinct R.ResourceID, R.Name0, R.Client0, BIOS.SerialNumber0 from dbo.v_R_System AS R LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.v_RA_System_SystemOUName AS OU ON R.ResourceID = OU.ResourceID INNER JOIN dbo.v_GS_PC_BIOS AS BIOS ON R.ResourceID = Bios.ResourceID where OU.System_OU_Name0 = N’GARTEK.TST/DOMAIN CONTROLLERS’

How to Add Blank Columns to a report.

For full details please see: http://www.myitforum.com/forums/SCCM-Report-question-m238232.aspx SELECT DISTINCT CS.Name0 as ‘PC’, ” as ‘Blank column1’, BIOS.SerialNumber0 as ‘SN #’, CS.Manufacturer0 as ‘Manufacturer’, CS.Model0 as ‘Model’, ” as ‘Blank column2’, OS.Caption0 as ‘OS’, OS.CSDVersion0 as ‘Service Pack’, SCUM.TopConsoleUser0 as ‘Top User’, R.User_Name0 AS ‘Last Logged (Heartbeat)’, CS.UserName0 AS ‘Last Logged (HW Inv.)’, BIOS.ReleaseDate0 as ‘Bios Date’, […]

Last Logon User

For full details see: http://www.windows-noob.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7022-last-logged-user/   Select R.Netbios_Name0, R.User_Domain0 + ‘\’ + R.User_Name0, CS.UserName0 from dbo.v_R_System R join dbo.v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CS on R.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID join dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership FCM on R.ResourceID = FCM.ResourceID Where FCM.CollectionID = ‘SMS00001’

Four reports to answer questions within the reporting forums

So I have been running with my head cut of these days but I always like to make sure that the Reporting forum questions are answer… http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrreporting/threads   For more detail about each of the post see: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrreporting/thread/377b785d-254b-48b9-adfa-b93869a6b599 http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrreporting/thread/2dc7d374-fb7b-461d-b123-8b59d68667dc http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrreporting/thread/f1b05190-d69b-4f2f-a7c9-166b966892ba http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/configmgrreporting/thread/d2d4fe26-2dad-4ee6-8fb2-ccb7cb6acc23     Anyways, since I have been behind on things, I thought that I […]