Month: September 2011

Serial Number, User Information and installation dates of the software

SELECT adv .AdvertisementName, stat .LastStateName, adv .Comment AS C072, pkg .Name AS C062, adv .ProgramName AS C071, adv .SourceSite, adv .AdvertisementID, se .SerialNumber0, cs .UserName0, Stat .LastAcceptanceStatusTime FROM v_Advertisement adv JOIN v_Package pkg ON adv.PackageID = pkg.PackageID JOIN v_ClientAdvertisementStatus stat ON stat.AdvertisementID = adv.AdvertisementID JOIN v_R_System sys ON stat.ResourceID = sys.ResourceID join dbo.v_GS_SYSTEM_ENCLOSURE se on […]

10b–adding top console user

if (@SoftwareID = ”) set @SoftwareID = NULL; if (@Tag1Name = ”) set @Tag1Name = NULL; if (@Tag2Name = ”) set @Tag2Name = NULL; if (@Tag3Name = ”) set @Tag3Name = NULL; select MEM .Netbios_Name0 [Computer Name], SCUM .TopConsoleUser0 as ‘TCU’, Soft .NormalizedName [Product Name], TG1 .TagName [Label 1], TG2 .TagName [Label 2], TG3 .TagName […]