Sunday Morning Funnies!!!

This morning I woke up late after I booked a few hours in my calendar last night to just “walk away” from my PC. Even before starting to make coffee, I pushed the power button on my laptop, Then started to make coffee!

Now that the coffee is brewing, I started the triage of my inboxes!, Yes inboxes! Since it is the weekend, my inbox is not full of stuff that I have to do today. After that I started to read my RSS feeds.

I stumble on a blog folder called “Latest Blogs” I don’t remember whose blog it is so I looked at it. Normally, I just delete all RSS feeds but this one title piqued my interest. Blog: You might need to unplug if… So I started to read it.

As soon as I read the first item on the top 10 list, I was howling! Ellen walked into the living room to see what was so funny! Then we both LOL at the whole list. Ellen asked to see the comments of this blog so we went online and laughed at Stefan Koell’s comments.

I agree with Cameron’s top 10 list and I know that I’m burning the candle at both ends right now. But I have also planned some downtime soon. I will be going on holidays with my wife (Ellen) for our anniversary. With the exception of one year, I never bring a laptop or smart phone so for 7 days no one can get a hold of me! Heck, yesterday I even planned for the Enhansoft Christmas Party and we are going out of town too! So no laptop!

IMO, the first step is to recognize that you are overloaded and the second step is to make a plan on how you are going to solve it. Hence why I have booked the trips and I’m trying to hire more staff!


· I did check my email before going to bed last night, right after the hockey game! 🙂

· Last week, I talked to Brad while driving at 100 km/h on my way to a gig.

· I have scheduled time to walk our dog “Nabby” with my wife Ellen today!

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