Month: July 2010

VM Heaven aka 24TB

VM Heaven aka 24TB So, my test lab has been running lean and mean for a while. A few weeks back I decided that in order to test ConfigMgr v.Next. I needed to update my lab. In the past I had a few discussion about Hyper-v and getting more performance out of it.   The […]

PCs without IE 8

PCs without IE 8 select Distinct     CS.Name0 from     dbo.v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CS     left outer join dbo.v_GS_SoftwareFile SF on CS.ResourceID = SF.ResourceID where     SF.ResourceID not in (select Distinct ResourceID from dbo.v_GS_SoftwareFile where FileName = ‘iexplore.exe’  and FileVersion like ‘8.%’)     and FileName = ‘iexplore.exe’ Published Jul 19 2010, 07:08 AM by Garth Filed under: […]

Dynamic Subnet Collection

Dynamic Subnet Collection select     *  from      SMS_R_System     inner join SMS_G_System_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGURATION on SMS_G_System_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGURATION.ResourceId = SMS_R_System.ResourceId where     SMS_G_System_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGURATION.IPAddress like “192.168.1.%” Published Jul 16 2010, 11:02 AM by Garth Filed under: SMS, Code, WQL, SCCM, vNext

Missing Brackets

SELECT DISTINCT     SYS.Netbios_Name0,     fcm.SiteCode,     ROUND(CONVERT (FLOAT ,LDISK.FreeSpace0) / 1024, 2) AS FreeSpace0,     ROUND (CONVERT (FLOAT, PROC1.MaxClockSpeed0), -2)/ 1000 AS ‘Processor (GHz)’,     ROUND (ROUND(CONVERT (FLOAT ,MEM.TotalPhysicalMemory0) / 1048576, 2) * 1024, 0) AS C083, OPSYS.Caption0 AS ‘Operating System’,     CONVERT(FLOAT, LEFT(OPSYS.Version0, 3)) Version FROM     v_FullCollectionMembership fcm     JOIN v_R_System SYS […] Forums

I have decided that the forums on are not being used and due to some SPAMMER populating the membership list, I have closed them down. This is a good thing as it means I will arrange for the site to be convert to a blog only site. With the new site will come a […]