Are you serious? You want me to install Firefox?

Dear Secure Certificate Customer,

Thank you for contacting Secure Certficate Support. It appears as though this is a common issue when installing the .spc file to Internet Explorer (IE) 8. Once installed the private is marked as not exportable. You may wish to try and rekey and reinstall the certificate to a Firefox browser. Firefox does not seem to have an issue with exporting the private key similarly IE7 reacts in much the same way.”


Are you serious? You want me to install Firefox?  Have you even thought about contacting Microsoft support to figure out why this might be happening? I bet not.


To be honest, I was total skeptical that using Firefox would work. I was getting annoyed that I had to download and install Firefox, but I was going to prove them wrong that this was not going to work.  


I have contact Go Daddy support a few times now and the more I contact them the more I wonder if it would have been better to pay the few extra dollars and use another company such a  Entrust or VeriSign.


Well it does work! (Maybe, I have not fully test the PFX certification that I need for Visual Studio 2008 but I don’t see why it shouldn’t work! Being that today is father day I’m not go to test this today.)


So this bring up some interesting questions:

·        Why is the not on the FAQ page!

·        Why have they not worked with MS to resolve this issue with IE8?

·        Why doesn’t their support staff know this when I called?

·        Why does it take 24 hours to get an answer from them? (Honestly it was 10+ but I have stop working for the day about 1.5 hours before this email came in and I didn’t check out my email until this morning.)

·        Why do Go Daddy say it take 72 hours before I should expect to get an answer?

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