Month: June 2010

Remote Assistance and ConfigMgr

Today I was trying to use the Remote Assistance from ConfigMgr, I keep getting a error message Your Offer to help could not be sent see screen shot below     Of course I did the normal troubleshooting stuff. ·        Check the GPO to ensure it was enabled ·        Pinged the server ·        Mapped a […]

List of Disabled Programs

SELECT  [AdvertisementID]       ,[AdvertisementName] ,[ProgramFlags]       ,[PackageID]       ,[ProgramName]       ,[CollectionID]       ,[PresentTime]       ,[TimeFlags]       ,[ExpirationTime]       ,[AdvertisementSourceSite]       ,[PackageName]       ,[PackageVersion]       ,[PackageLanguage]       ,[PackageManufacturer]       ,[CollectionName]       FROM [dbo].[v_AdvertisementInfo] where (0x00001000 & Programflags) != 0

List of user with X

Select distinct     TopConsoleUser0 from     dbo.v_Add_Remove_Programs ARP     Join dbo.v_GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USAGE_MAXGROUP SCUM on ARP.ResourceId = SCUM.ResourceID Where     ARP.DisplayName0 = ‘Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB923845)’

Are you serious? You want me to install Firefox?

“Dear Secure Certificate Customer, Thank you for contacting Secure Certficate Support. It appears as though this is a common issue when installing the .spc file to Internet Explorer (IE) 8. Once installed the private is marked as not exportable. You may wish to try and rekey and reinstall the certificate to a Firefox browser. Firefox […]

Free Training Summer 2010!!!

CTE has done it again!! The are giving away 140, 000 worth of Training for ITIL and Win2k8 Boot Camp! Here are the details! Hi Garth,   This summer CTE Solutions, will again, be giving away over $140,000 worth of free training and certification programs to help the unemployed technology professionals in our region.  We […]