Free MS SQL 2008 administrator certification

Now that I have your attention, every SMS / ConfigMgr administrator needs to know SQL in order to support SMS/ ConfigMgr. There are no “Ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it, without SQL, ConfigMgr / SMS could not run. You could not write reports or use SSRS. Neither MDT nor WSUS work without it either.  So without SQL there is no ConfigMgr / SMS /v.Next / CM11! Therefore you MUST know SQL at least from an administrator stand point and should be certified in it.


So how can you get certified? There are a number of ways: take 70-431 (SQL 2005) or 70-432 (SQL 2008) or you can take the free certification from BrainBench.


Yes, I did say free SQL 2008 administration certification. Brainbench has a number of free certifications, one of which is SQL 2008 Administrator.


SQL is the backbone of ConfigMgr / SMS, heck even OpsMgr, MOM, SCSM, DPM, SCVMM, and SCE all use it. There is no excuse why you should not be at least BrainBench certified in SQL 2008, it’s free! What is stopping you? What is your excuse for not taking this certification?

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