Month: March 2010

Added Collection

Select Distinct     sys.Netbios_Name0,     fcm.SiteCode,      sys.User_Domain0,     sys.User_Name0,     sys.Operating_System_Name_and0,     arp.DisplayName0,     Col.Name FROM     dbo.v_R_System sys     JOIN dbo.v_Add_Remove_Programs arp ON sys.ResourceID = arp.ResourceID     JOIN dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on sys.ResourceID=fcm.ResourceID     join dbo.v_Collection Col on Col.CollectionId = fcm.CollectionID WHERE     DisplayName0 = @displayname and     fcm.CollectionID=@CollID

PCs with more than IP Address.

select     NAC.DNSHostName0,     count(NAC.ResourceID) from     dbo.v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR NAC Where     IPAddress0 is NOT NULL Group by     NAC.ResourceID,     NAC.DNSHostName0 Having     count(NAC.ResourceID)>1 Order by     NAC.DNSHostName0

Hack and Defend

MS Canada is bring back their “Hack and Defend” workshops! It’s back!  Last years popular Hack and Defend workshops are back!  Step inside the mind of a hacker at Microsoft’s Hack and Defend Workshop. Discover the tactics used to penetrate your PC, become aware of the most threatening viruses online, and most importantly, learn how […]

AI and Project

Select     GIS.ARPDisplayName0,     GIS.ProductName0,     GIS.ProductVersion0,     SL.CommonName,     SL.CommonVersion from     v_GS_INSTALLED_SOFTWARE GIS     join LU_SoftwareCode SC on GIS.SoftwareCode0 = SC.SoftwareCode     join LU_SoftwareList SL on SC.SoftwareID = SL.SoftwareID Where —    GIS.SoftwareCode0 = ‘{90120000-0014-0000-0000-0000000ff1ce}’     SL.CommonName = ‘Microsoft Office Project 2007 Professional Edition’

Samsung “Galaxy” aka GT-I7500L

Well, I purchase an Samsung Galaxy (GT-I7500L) on Friday. Over the weekend I played with it, setting it up and download the desktop sync software (dated Mar 10 2010!), etc. I ran into some issues with the software and the phone. Today I went back to the Bell store where I purchased this phone. To […]