Zune Market Place!

What give is it? I just don’t get it. I understand their need to block some content based on your location and the rights that they have within the locations. BUT why block FREE contact that is OPEN to everyone!!!! WHY MUST I change regional setting?  I swear they are all smoking in the Zune product group!


MS wants to make ZUNE number one but I can sign-in to the istore and browse all the content that I want (free or not). It is time for Zune team to wake up and smell the coffee (Tim Hortons too)!


So you going to say Garth what couldn’t you do? Well the answer was simple. I found a podcast that I wanted to listen too on my trip tomorrow in the market place. I click the link to download the podcast. I was forced to sign in, using my Live ID. OK a pain but I’m fine with that. Ultimately I told I can’t access the content because my regional setting not match and are not in the US. I say “What does it matter, this is a FREE podcast!”


It gets better!


In the market place page, I see that there is a link to the website for the podcast! I click the link, I can access the website. Right there on the home page is a link to all of the podcasts that I want! WOW, I can download all of the “Protected” podcasts! It is no wonder why istore/ipod/ipad/etc. is kicking MS …! Until they get their act together, they will never beat Apple!


On a side note: I have the podcast installed on my Zune but maybe I should borrow Ellen’s ipod instead, since it is easier to get content on it!

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