Month: January 2010


This might NOT list all routers in your environment, and it will has lots of false positives too.   Of the 7 device marked as a router, only 3 are right, the remaining 4 are false positives.   In my test lab it found 3 out of 7, Routers /Switches.   Plus it lists ยท        […]

2010 myITforum Donation

With the start of a new year, it is that time again to support the System Management Community, with that in mind I have made my yearly donation of $250 USD to MyITForum (MIF). Why do I do it? Well as a past User Group leader for, I know how much it cost to […]

Collection Query – AD group membership & filter for Add\Remove Programs

select     R.*  from      SMS_R_System R where     R.SystemGroupName != “GARTEK\\Domain Admins”     and R.ResourceId not in (    select                         R.ResourceId                     from                          SMS_R_System R                         inner join SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS ARP on ARP.ResourceId = R.ResourceId                     where                         ARP.DisplayName = “CCM Framework Tools”)