SharePoint and Belly Dancers!

As some of you who follow me on Twitter found out on Aug 14th, I was at the award night for the Ottawa 70-631 study group with my wife, Ellen.

I have to say it was an interesting night! Where else can you heard the words “My wife couldn’t come tonight because my dog is getting a massage” and someone else saying “My Labrador ate the spoon!” it gives new meaning to the “My dog ate my homework!”

Anyways back to the main story, we were eating at local restaurant, I became curious when the manager started to move some of the tables around in order to make space. I found out that this restaurant “Chez Fatima” has a belly dancers on Friday night! This girl danced for ~20 minutes and it was very interesting. I’m also glad that it was none of the OWSUG execs doing any of the belly dancing either! I just don’t want to imaging that! Although the manager had to “wipe the sweat” from the brow of one of the OWSUG exec. during the dancing. I will let you guess who that was and no it was not me!

It was a good turn out and interesting evening for the study group. Thanks go out to Islam Gomaa for his hard work on this study group and for organizing this event.

BTW it looks like the study group will be doing the MOSS exam in the fall and maybe one of the Exchange exams too and Windows 7 in January! (The MS Press book is not released until Nov 4, 2009) Also keep your eyes open for a smaller study group for 70-400. I will most likely join that one!

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