Month: August 2009

TechNet Webcast: Automating Windows 7 Deployments Using System Center Configuration Manager (Level 300)

I saw this event posted on System Center Configuration Manager Training Resource web site..   Event Overview We focus on automating Windows 7 operating system deployments using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager in this webcast. First, we cover how to automate hardware and software inventory using Asset Intelligence to determine what applications and hardware […]

SRS and Twitter

So last night I was at the OttawaSQL.Net UG meeting, Colin Melia did a 400 Level (really it was a 500+, truly a deep dive!) about using SRS to collect data from different data source. Anyways, Colin used Ashton Kutcher twitter account as a data source and displayed a chart of times when he […]

List of PCs with Excel (WQL)

select     R.NetbiosName,     R.LastLogonUserName,     SP.ProductName,     SP.ProductVersion from      SMS_R_System R     inner join SMS_G_System_SoftwareProduct SP on SP.ResourceID = R.ResourceId     inner join SMS_G_System_SoftwareFile SF on SF.ResourceID = R.ResourceId and SP.ProductID = SF.ProductID where     SF.FileDescription like “%Excel%” Order by     R.NetbiosName,     R.LastLogonUserName,     SP.ProductName,     SP.ProductVersion

Flash vs Silverlight

I am working on an idea to be used by the community. While researching this idea, I ran into a problem with Flash. After some time I found out that this issue is Flash does not work on Internet Explorer 64Bit. Well I thought that if Flash will not do it then Silverlight it is! […]