Month: July 2009

Dell on Twitter!!!

For US   For Canada   For Brasil   For UK   For Mexico   For Australia   For Small Businesses   I’m sure Angie, Greg, Warren and Donnie will post a few more!

Don’t Do It

Here is yet another reason why you should not fly though O’hare! I will not do it again! (It is the only airport that I’m aware in a Snow zone that clearly does not know how to handle snow) Plus United loss my luggage for 3 days! And the would not provide any compensation!

Today’s Fun link!

  Today I was reading the myITforum newsletter So after checking out at all the article and forum posts, I checked out the “Today’s Fun Click”. I started to LOL when I saw this.

Happy Canada Day! (2009)

Happy Canada Day Everyone!   I hope you take some time to be with family and friends today! As all of you know we stated Canada Day off early yesterday with the Ottawa IT Community awards night, the event was a success. As soon as Rick or John post the pictures from the event, I […]