Month: May 2009

June 18th 2009 User Group Meeting

Topic: Introduction to Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 SP1 (DPM). Description: Through discussions and demonstrations, we will be covering installation and configuration in DPM . We will talk about common situations and look at how DPM can meet these needs. Presenter Bio: Islam Gomaa is a Senior Systems Administrator at e-academy. He has […]

How to Start a User Group

1. Don’t, it is a lot of work! a) Look for existing User Groups (UG) in your area. Even if they are not what you looking for (Developer, IT Pro, SQL, *nix, Apple, etc.). Contact them to see if they know of a groups in your area. b) Contact other User Groups that are not […]

$300,000 worth of training

CTE Solutions, (Yes, the same training center that helps out with both the User & Study Groups) will donate $300,000 worth of training to recently laid off tech workers in Ottawa, equating to around 150 participants to be instructed over the coming summer months. CTE Solutions was founded seven years ago during the depths of […]

June 3rd 2009 User Group Meeting

Topic: Windows 7 Security Tidbits & Understanding and Preventing Insider Threat Description: Windows 7 Security Tidbits – Windows 7 is coming and the boss is asking you about all those new security features. Perhaps you’ve heard some buzz about AppLocker? What’s this about DirectAccess connecting securely to your corporate network without a VPN?  What’s up […]


At MMS there as a ITProtini for the closing party, I never has a chance to try it but there is the ingredients list. (Thanks you, to Paul T.) I have guessed that the proportions. Drink type: Martini Glassware: Martini Mixing: Shaken ¾ oz Blackberry vodka ¾ oz black cherry vodka ½ oz cranberry juice […]

Report Tweaking Help – Installed Date

Select     sys.Netbios_Name0,     fcm.SiteCode,      sys.User_Domain0,     sys.User_Name0,     sys.Operating_System_Name_and0,     arp.DisplayName0,     ARP.InstallDate0 FROM     v_R_System sys     JOIN v_GS_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS arp ON sys.ResourceID = arp.ResourceID     JOIN v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on sys.ResourceID=fcm.ResourceID WHERE     DisplayName0 = @displayname     and fcm.CollectionID=@CollID

ConfigMgr Child Labor Video

Jarvis did and excellent job again with his new video.   Like Jarvis’ kids, I’m not just an PC, I’m a ConfigMgr Server!   BTW, Rumour has it that Jarvis is working on a blooper reel too! I know that I want to see it!