Month: February 2009

Twice in one week!

OK What gives…? I have travelled a fair bit in the pasted but never have had so many problems with airlines! This week I have been on two trips and in BOTH cases the airline has lost my luggage!!! What up with that?? BTW for those of you looking for me, I am checked into […]

Patch compliance progression report

select       CS.Name0,       CS.UserName0, case when (sum(case when UCS.status=2 then 1 else 0 end))>0 then (‘Needs ‘+(cast(sum(case when UCS.status=2 then 1 else 0 end)as varchar(10))+ ‘ Patches’)) else ‘Good Client’ end as ‘Status’,       ws.lasthwscan as ‘Last HW scan’,       FCM.collectionID–, from       v_UpdateComplianceStatus UCS left outer join dbo.v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM  CS on CS.ResourceID = UCS.ResourceID […]


As I have already posted I am taking a personal interest course in Bartending to go along with my bar setup (first picture). As part of my final exam I need to: Modify four existing cocktails to ( the best two will be selected and graded) make it cheaper (ie replace Grand Marnier with Triple […]

Adding Display name to “All Systems” query

select     r.Name,     r.SMSAssignedSites,     r.IPAddresses,     r.IPSubnets,     r.OperatingSystemNameandVersion,     r.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,,    r.LastLogonUserDomain,     r.LastLogonUserName,     r.SMSUniqueIdentifier,     r.ResourceId,     r.ResourceType,     r.NetbiosName from     sms_r_system r,     sms_r_user ruWhere     r.LastLogonUserDomain = ru.WindowsNTDomain    and r.LastLogonUserName = ru.UserName

Groove not so Groovy!

  So I am add Groove to my current laptop. Groove, as part of its setup, ask the question do you have a Groove account I say yes, since I had one on my old laptop. I follow the prompts, anyway this is what I get, depending on what I pick.        Now […]