MCITP: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

Well this morning I did it. I became a MCITP: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator, it helped that I have 20 hours last weekend while drive to/from a wedding in “Soo” to finish reading the 70-646 MS Press book!

I also made a few more decision about exams.

70-089, Well I’m already an MCSE and no client will ever ask if I have written and passed that exam so I am officially dropping this one from my list of exam to work on, there is no point. However if I am ever bored and have money “burning a hole in my pocket”, I would write it in a heartbeat.

70-656, I’m dropping this one too. I don’t see the point of working on this one when MDOP v2 has been released. Plus I don’t need the charter member SWAG.

If you have been following my exam process you might asked yourself, what does he still have on this list. And the answer is 70-400, 402 (if released), 403 (in beta now), and 647.

Even though Brad & Rory want to me do the 70-400 next, I not I am going to work on it (yet), instead I am working on 70-647 exam, I figure I’m in the groove for Win 2008 exams and there is ALLOT of overlap between the exams so don’t stop now! BTW Did you know that the MS Press for 70-647 is 572 page but the 70-646 is 768 page!!!

15 Exams down, 3 (+1) exams to go.

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