70-298 aka I did it!

Well I did it this morning, I wrote and passed 70-298. With passing this exam I now have updated myself to MCSE on Window 2003. So what does this mean to my daily blog post for 70-298 exam. Nothing, almost all sections have already been pre-posted and the few that are not I will try to pre-post the Q&A to my blog this weekend.

With passing this exam it also means that I can finally can teach SMS 2003 and ConfigMgr 2007, Long story there. Yes, I’m a MCT, long story there too.

Just in case you care I now have these exam to write some time soon. 70-089, 400, 402 (if released), 403 (when/if released), 640, 642, 643, 646, 647, 652 (when out of beta).

Now the question is do I go after the Windows 2008,SMS 2k3 or OpsMgr 2k7 exam? Since 70-089 will not give me anything, so I will put that one on the back burner for now. So now it is down to 70-401 and 70-640 or 70-649? I will give it the LONG weekend to decide but I have a feeling that I will pick the 70-640 or 70-649 exam, most because I have a free exam voucher for either exam that expirers Oct 31 2008. I would write the 70-400 exam if the OpsMgr MVPs finished writing the study guide that they started but alas…. <Evil Grin>

Finally, for those of you thinking about writing exams, I only started updating my skills from MCSE NT4 to Win 2k3 in December 2007, Since then I have passed 70-401, 620 , 622, 431, 290, 291, 293, 294, and 298, that is almost one exam a month. If I can do it, anyone can.


Now it is time for a few Beers, plus it is a long weekend!

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