Month: July 2008

CREATE PROCEDURE permission denied in database ‘SMS_XXX’

If you received this error message “CREATE PROCEDURE permission denied in database ‘SMS_XXX’” What this means is the “Create Procedure” permission is missing from “Webreport_approle” database role. To Fix this issue, perform the following: Open a Query window and execute the following SQL statement: Grant Create Procedure to [Webreport_approle]   Now you are going to […]

Count of Device by AD site

Select B.ADSite as ‘AD Site’, Count(B.ADSite) as ‘Count’from (SELECT   Case    When R.AD_Site_Name0 = ” Then ‘<No AD Site>’   When R.AD_Site_Name0 = NULL Then ‘<No AD Site>’   When isnull(R.AD_Site_Name0,’one’) = ‘one’ Then ‘<No AD Site>’   else  R.AD_Site_Name0  End as ‘ADSite’–, FROM v_R_System R) as BGroup by B.ADSiteOrder by B.ADSite