Month: May 2008


This blog post is a MUST see for everyone!!!   Sean is one crazy guy!!! to see Sean other videos check out YouTube or check out his blog/web site I have to get him to come to MMS!!! 🙂 Rodney and his Rockstars drinks..  I had one and that was enough for me!  […]

User Group TV???

User Group Television (UGTV) is a monthly webcast dedicated to bringing informative programming to User Groups worldwide while providing Microsoft the ability to introduce up and coming informatino to user group communities as well as highlight our engagement with them.Today’s show includes an interview with Trisha Cardell, US Subsidiary Sr. Marketing Manager focused on ITPRO […]

How may System Center Certified People are there as of May 20 2008

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007: Configuration     259 Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007: Configuration         339   Are you one of them?   But I have never heard of this MS exam, have you? United States History Major                                                                     2     Source

Bad news or is it good news?

Last night I was check replying to a email from Reed before shutting down my PC for the night, when I caught a glimpse of a new blog posting from Trika, I took quick look at it.     Trika Blog basically says that the 70-402 Exam aka cert name MCITP: Operations Manager (I never […]


With much relief I passed this exam today! My plan was to complete my MCSE by passing 70-298, however some contract work has come up and to make life easier I need to pass 70-624. So it look like will jump 624 ahead of 298 of now. I’m still on track to pass one exam […]

Energize IT bootcamp self study groups

All of the self study group information have been posted, use the information below to find what you need.   General forum about Study groups and RSS tags. RSS 1 RSS 2 Forum Forum RSS   70-299 RSS Forum Forum RSS Schedule   70-640 RSS Forum […]