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RunAs Radio is a weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products. The full range of IT topics is covered from a Microsoft-centric viewpoint.

RunAs Radio was launched on April 11, 2007 with a nod from its sister show, .NET Rocks!, which started as a weekly downloadable mp3 in August, 2002! Coincidentally, the first RunAs Radio show featured Patrick Hynds, who was also the first guest on .NET Rocks!

Richard Campbell, the third co-host of .NET Rocks!, hosts RunAs Radio along with Greg Hughes.

Each show promises to be about 30 minutes long and focused on a single topic.

A full range of audio formats and feed options are offered.


Rory McCaw on MOM 2007

Rory McCaw talks with Richard and Greg around Microsoft Operations Manager 2007.


Mitch Garvis Gets Us Using Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment!

Mitch Garvis talks to Richard and Greg about Microsoft Business Desktop Deployment (BDD). BDD is the evolution of earlier versions, along side products like SMS, Vista and Office to do zero touch and light touch deployments of operating systems and applications.


Jeff Sigman Gives Us Network Access Protection!

The final installment of interviews from Microsoft Tech Ed US 2007 in Orlando, Richard and Greg talk to Jeff Sigman, the Release Manager for Network Access Protection (NAP). Jeff digs into exactly what NAP is all about, how it interact with Windows Server 2008, Vista and Windows XP



Stephen Rose on the State of Server Virtualization

Richard and Greg chat with Stephen Rose about Server Virtualization, including Microsoft’s Virtual Server and VMWare’s products. Stephen digs into the advantages (and disadvantages) of server virtualization, talks about migrating existing servers and getting the maximum use out of your hardware



Joel Frauenheim and Martin Booth on the Windows System Center Mobile Device Manager!

While at Tech Ed Europe IT Forum in Barcelona, Richard and Greg talked to Joel Frauenheim and Martin Booth about Microsoft’s new Windows System Center Mobile Device Manager



Bob Roudebush on Disaster Recovery for Virtualization!

Bob Roudebush talks to us about how disaster recovery works when Microsoft Virtual Server and/or VMWare is involved. We dig into the details around backing up within the guest VM and via the host.

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