Microsoft Press Training Kit Exam Prep & ClassFactory cannot supply requested class

As some of you know I am working on updating my MCSE. As part of the study group, we have done 70-290, 70-291, 70-294, and 70-620 exams using the MS Press books for each of them. Also there as a much smaller study group for 70-431 exam. Anyways, over the last few weeks I have written a few exams starting with the 70-401 Beta exam, 70-620, 70-622, and finally 70-431 on Jan 22nd. 

For each exam I installed the appropriate “Microsoft Press Readiness Review Suite” or “Microsoft Press Training Kit Exam Prep”.  Anyways, I am planning on going back and passing 70-290 now, so I tried to use the Microsoft Press Readiness Review Suite for 70-290 and I got an error, “Automation error ClassFactory cannot supply requested class”.

   ClassFactory cannot supply requested class 

After check round for a while I finally sent a email to MS Press about the issue.  After a few emails, I was directed to Support at MeasureUp. I sent MeasureUp support an email and got an email back from that telling me to use the compatibility mode in Vista to make it work, It did not. 

Then I was told that this was related to having both “Microsoft Press Readiness Review Suite” and “Microsoft Press Training Kit Exam Prep” installed on the same PC. And need to combine the test from the working version with the ones from the non-working work version. That was the problem!

So to help other who are looking to solve this which out contacting wither MS Press ore MeasureUp.

Do the following.


For whichever one is not working do the following adjust the directory structure as needed.
So you have MS Press Training Kit working on your PC. Leave that one alone for the moment.


Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Press Readiness Review\Tests\ folder

In the Tests folder are the tests themselves *.MUP

In the TestObjects subfolders will be folders of the graphics in their own little subfolders.

Gather up the MUP files and copy or move them into the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Press Training Kit\Tests\ folder.
Gather up the individual subfolders in the TestObjects folders and place them all into the \Tests\TestObjects folder.

Now when you invoke the Training Kit program you will also see listed all the other tests you copied into it.  They should all work with the engine you have installed. You can uninstall the Readiness Review Suite from Add/Remove programs if you like then at any time. 

My only question is why doesn’t the setup recognize this and fix this as part of the test routine? Anyways, I hope this will help other out there, if they come across this error as I could find anything to help me before I had to contact MS Press and Measureup support.

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