Month: January 2008

Overview of Windows SteadyState, How to give your computer a short term memory

Upcoming UG Meetings February 21st 2008 User Group Meeting Topic:The topic of this presentation will be Microsoft Windows SteadyState, the product formerly known as the Microsoft Windows Shared Computer Toolkit. Through discuss and demonstrations, we will be covering installation and configuration in a standalone & Active Directory Domain environment domain environment. We will discuss common […]

Hardest exam ever

Yesterday, I wrote the hardest exam every.. 70-431 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance.  I choose this exam as a way to help me get my MCT but that is another story. Anyways, a small study group formed and we worked every Saturday for 2 months to finish the MS Press book! […]

Blog Statistic – Part 2

Just after posting the blog stats, I remember that I also want to check out that number of ping backs and comments. Since April 1 2007 there have been 181 ping backs and 22 comments select count(*) as ‘# of Comments’ from cs_Posts cs_Posts, cs_Sections SEC where cs_Posts.SectionID = Sec.SectionID and Groupid = 3 and […]

Blog Statistic – Query

Here is the query select count(*) as ‘Number of post’,sum(totalviews) ‘Total # of web views’,avg(totalviews) ‘Average # of web views’,sum(aggviews) ‘Total # of Agg views’,avg(aggviews) as ‘Average # of Agg Views’from cs_Posts cs_Posts, cs_Sections SECwhere cs_Posts.SectionID = Sec.SectionID and Groupid = 3and postauthor = ‘Garth’ and cs_Posts.SectionID = 20and postdate > ‘2007-04-01’

Blog Statistic

Recently I was asked about stats for my blog, so instead of guessing what the stats are I created a SQL query to figure it out.   So with out further ado here are the stats from April 1 2007 until this just before this post.  Number of post                        325 Total # of web views                […]

Count of file extensions.

Select  CS.Name0,  right(filename,4),  count(right(filename,4))from  dbo.v_GS_SoftwareFile SF,  dbo.v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CSWhere  right(filename,4) in (‘.exe’, ‘.dll’) and CS.resourceID = SF.resourceIDGroup by  CS.Name0,  right(filename,4)order by  CS.Name0