Month: December 2007

Hourly posting status.

Why am I posting this information well, 2 reasons.   1)      Someone asked me how I could ensure that I posted once per day and the answer is I pre-posted lots of posts. As you can tell I used hour between 6-7 am (7-8 EST) for pre-posted blogs. Just because… 2)      Ever so often I would […]

Top 50 posts for 2007

Total Title Web Views RSS Views 1117 One more reason to use v_GS_Computer_System vs v_R_System 748 369 989 SMS Log files 572 417 928 Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide 611 317 872 What are my top 25 post? 256 616 859 Ottawa Windows Server User Group Newsletter 512 347 846 What is the average […]

Port Query v2

While studying for the 70-622 exam using the MS Press book, I came across this Port Query v2.0. I have already found it useful that I created a SMSI package to force it out to all PCs within ConfigMgr site. Description of the Portqry.exe command-line utility;en-ca;310099 How to Use Portqry to Troubleshoot Active […]

Count of packages within each folder

Just for Kim  O. And Sherry K., this query will provide a count of packages within each package folder. SELECT vSMS_Folders.Name, Count(vSMS_Folders.ContainerNodeID) as ‘Count’ FROM dbo.v_Package v_Package, dbo.vFolderMembers vFolderMembers, dbo.vSMS_Folders vSMS_Folders WHERE v_Package.PackageID = vFolderMembers.InstanceKey AND vSMS_Folders.ContainerNodeID = vFolderMembers.ContainerNodeID AND vSMS_Folders.ObjectType=2 Group by vSMS_Folders.Name Order by vSMS_Folders.Name