Canadian MVP (Updated)

Below is the summary of all PUBLIC Canadian MVP profiles created on


All credit goes to Sasha and Ljupco, for thier tedious work on this list.




Influencer Profile Link MS Primary Competency
Albert D Kallal Microsoft Office Access
Douglas J Steele Microsoft Office Access
Glenn Lloyd Microsoft Office Access
Gordon R. Hubbell Microsoft Office Access
Joan Wild Microsoft Office Access
Marty Connelly Microsoft Office Access
Michel Walsh Microsoft Office Access
Stephen Lebans Microsoft Office Access
Tony Toews Microsoft Office Access
Bernard Liengme Microsoft Office Excel
Debra Dalgleish Microsoft Office Excel
Gord Dibben Microsoft Office Excel
Ken Puls Microsoft Office Excel
Louise Villeneuve Microsoft Office FrontPage
Elisabeth Vanderveldt Microsoft Office Groove
Eric Legault Microsoft Office Outlook
Kathleen Orland Microsoft Office Outlook
Michael Koerner Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Stephen Jeffrey House Microsoft Office Project
Amanda Murphy Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Bil Simser Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Eli Z. Robillard Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
Reza Alirezaei Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
John Marshall Microsoft Office Visio
Jean-Guy Marcil Microsoft Office Word
Adel Khaled Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Charles Nurse Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Chris Dufour Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Guy Barrette Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Jean-Paul Sylvain Boodhoo Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Karl Seguin Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Ken Cox Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Laurent Duveau Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Rob Chartier Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Shaun Walker Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Sonu Kapoor Visual Developer – ASP/ASP.NET
Matthew MacDonald Visual Developer – Client Application Development
Mark Arteaga Visual Developer – Device Application Development
Nicole Calinoiu Visual Developer – Security
Barry Gervin Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
Bill D. Baldasti Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
James Kovacs Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
Luc Gauthier Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
Marian Drumea Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
Mario Cardinal Visual Developer – Solutions Architect
Etienne Tremblay Visual Developer – Team System
Joel Semeniuk Visual Developer – Team System
Eric Moreau Visual Developer – Visual Basic
Michel Fournier Visual Developer – Visual Basic
Rob Windsor Visual Developer – Visual Basic
Val Mazur Visual Developer – Visual Basic
Bruce Johnson Visual Developer – Visual C#
Daniel Carbajal Visual Developer – Visual C#
David R Totzke Visual Developer – Visual C#
Donald Belcham Visual Developer – Visual C#
Justin Lee Visual Developer – Visual C#
Matthew Cassell Visual Developer – Visual C#
Michael Li Visual Developer – Visual C#
Peter Ritchie Visual Developer – Visual C#
Ravi Bhavnani Visual Developer – Visual C#
Stoitcho Goutsev Visual Developer – Visual C#
Alin Negru Visual Developer – Visual C++
Brian Muth Visual Developer – Visual C++
Kate Gregory Visual Developer – Visual C++
Andrew Ross MacNeill Visual Developer – Visual FoxPro
Doug Hennig Visual Developer – Visual FoxPro
Ken Murphy Visual Developer – Visual FoxPro
Thomas Sapiano Windows – Digital Media
Carmen Knowles Windows – Internet Explorer
Gary Tsang Windows – Media Center
Jason Tsang Windows – Media Center
Peter Near Windows – Media Center
Bob Katayama Windows – Mobile Devices
Jason Dunn Windows – Mobile Devices
Mike Temporale Windows – Mobile Devices
Adrian Moore Windows – Networking
Rob Williams Windows – Networking
Jimmy Stevenson Windows – PC Games
Nathan Kramer Windows – PC Games
Blake McNeill Windows – Security
Dana Epp Windows – Security
Dave Gruno Windows – Security
Dave Nelson Windows – Security
Dorothy B Gosling Windows – Security
Ike Bottema Windows – Security
Karen Smith Windows – Security
Kayne Mitchell Windows – Security
Larry H Stevenson Windows – Security
Marianna Schmudlach Windows – Security
Martin J S Baron Windows – Security
Tammy Stewart Windows – Security
Anando Jyoti Chatterjee Windows – Shell/User
Brett Callow Windows – Shell/User
Chris Burke Windows – Shell/User
James M. Fisher Windows – Shell/User
John Silke Windows – Shell/User
Kerry Brown Windows – Shell/User
Kristan M Kenney Windows – Shell/User
Lance Le Claire Windows – Shell/User
Mike Hall Windows – Shell/User
Norm Steadman Windows – Shell/User
Patti MacLeod Windows – Shell/User
Pierre Moreau Windows – Shell/User
Robert Konopacki Windows – Shell/User
Ron Martell Windows – Shell/User
William T Crawford Windows – Shell/User
W Newquay Windows – Tablet PC
Derek Chan Windows – Virtual Earth/MapPoint
Marvin Hlavac Windows – Virtual Earth/MapPoint
Tyler Davey Windows – Virtual Earth/MapPoint
Danielle Ruest Windows – Virtual Machine
Paul Adare Windows – Virtual Machine
Sylvain Lafontaine Windows – Virtual Machine
K. S. Huang Windows – Windows Embedded
David Eccleston Windows – XNA/DirectX
Wessam Bahnassi Windows – XNA/DirectX
Jonathan Kay Windows Live Messenger
Charlie Russel Windows Server – Admin Frameworks
Marco Shaw Windows Server – Admin Frameworks
Daniel D Nerenberg Windows Server – Customer Experience
Graham Jones Windows Server – Customer Experience
Mitch Garvis Windows Server – Customer Experience
Stephen Ibaraki Windows Server – Customer Experience
Mitch Tulloch Windows Server – Setup/Deployment
Claudio Rodrigues Windows Server – Terminal Server
Shane Perran Windows Server – Windows SharePoint Services
Leonid Ganeline Windows Server System – BizTalk Server
Matt Meleski Windows Server System – BizTalk Server
Scott Cairney Windows Server System – BizTalk Server
Winson Woo Windows Server System – BizTalk Server
Paul Clement Windows Server System – Directory Services
Rolly Perreaux Windows Server System – Directory Services
Anderson Patricio Windows Server System – Exchange Server
David Sengupta Windows Server System – Exchange Server
Nelson Ruest Windows Server System – File System/Storage
Mathew Kimball Windows Server System – Microsoft Update Services
Craig Martin Windows Server System – MIIS
James Booth Windows Server System – MIIS
Rory McCaw Windows Server System – MOM
Calvin McLennan Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Jasminder Rai Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Jason Miller Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Jeff Loucks Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Les Connor Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Stuart R. Crawford Windows Server System – Small Business Server
Garth Jones Windows Server System – SMS
Mark Carriere Windows Server System – SMS
Tom Moreau Windows Server System – SQL Server
Val Matison Windows Server System – SQL Server
Gary Thorn Xbox
Jake Reardon Xbox
Mike Hatton Xbox
Stephen Cameron Xbox

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