Month: October 2007

November 22nd 2007 User Group Meeting

November 22nd 2007 User Group Meeting Topic: Becoming a Poshoholic: 12 steps to develop a healthy obsession for Windows PowerShell   Description: Windows PowerShell in its inaugural version is already a tool that should be included in the toolbelt of any Windows IT professional or Windows software developer.  It’s a command-line shell, an interactive scripting […]

Sales persons!

The other day, I decided I needed a new laptop. boy do I dislike most sales people particularly ones who don’t know what they are selling! Case in point: for my new laptop I had done some research as to what I was going to buy and why.  (See yesterday’s Windows Experience Index blog post). […]

Are you a Gamer?

Here is a reason why you should not buy your games from EB games!   Beware EB Games Interac card policy!FF7E28592A591CA8!547.entry?wa=wsignin1.0   Here are the comments from a Security Consultant about this blog post!

Windows Experience Index

The other day I needed to purchase a new laptop with Vista on it as my old laptop had a Windows Vista Experience rating of 1.0. This was evident in how slow the laptop was! 21 months ago I purchased a “throw away” laptop that was to last just 1 year before I would purchase […]

Ellen and I went away to Couples Resort in Whitney Ontario at the East Gate to Algonquin Park.  Since neither of us had been there before Ellen decide to look up on Google maps how to get there.  When I came down to my office where she was checking the route out, I said we […]