Ellen and I went away to Couples Resort in Whitney Ontario at the East Gate to Algonquin Park.  Since neither of us had been there before Ellen decide to look up on Google maps how to get there.  When I came down to my office where she was checking the route out, I said we should see what said the best route was. We looked at both the shortest time and the shortest distance there was about 15 minutes difference between the two options, Google maps was basically the same as shortest distance on Live.


On Thursday when we were going to leave, we knew that we had an 8 p.m. dinner reservation and Ellen was expect back at our place around 5 p.m. .  Since I have a lead foot and we needed to make up some time on the drive we decided that I would drive Ellen’s new car there and she would drive back. The shortest distance route would take use via a route that we knew fairly well as it passes Golden Lake where a friend has his cottage. For these reason and we knew that we could make up some time we opted for this route and also it was less complicated. We would take the other route on our way home during daylight hours.


Thursday drive.

On Thursday, Ellen arrived home early but we remembered that there was a hockey game on that night which mean that the first 15-25 KM could be slow going as everyone would be heading towards the game. Anyways after I got ready we left just before 5 p.m. and we took the back roads to the highway to avoid the hockey game. To make a long story short, at 7:15 or so we arrived in Whitney, Ontario.


Saturday’s drive back

After a nice breakfast, we quickly reviewed the directions that Live provided and we started out just after 11 am., just past Barry’s Bay we were told to turn right on Opeongo Rd Opeongo Rd Opeongo Rd Opeongo Rd Opeongo RdOpeongo Road. We quickly laughed at this road and said let the adventure begin. This road was clearly not a highway or secondary highway or for that matter it was barely road. It was very clearly a country road with lots of potholes.  About 1-2 KM down the road we laughed when the road became a dirt road! Then a little farther down, covering most of the road there was a tree that had fallen across the road and it was clear that someone had moved it just enough to allow for their truck/car to pass. Ellen laughed as she was driving and said the car will need a car wash.  As we continued to drive down the dirt road we laughed as we kept thinking how much this area looked as being in the back woods and it was. With all the fall colours it was an extremely nice drive particularly since we had no place to be and we figured if we got lost we would continue to drive until we hit a highway that we knew and continue on.


The moral of the story is just because says to take a route, well make sure that you double check that route and make sure it is truly a highway and not a dirt road, unless you like that sort of thing and make sure to take any uncertain routes during the day.



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