This summer has been very busy for both Ellen and I.  Ellen finally decided to make arrangements for use to go away for a couple of days to see the fall colours.  She decided that we should go to Algonquin Park and she decided to stay at Couples Resort (Bear Trail Inn), we have wanted to stay at this place before but have never done so until this weekend. One of the reasons she picked this place was she (we both) believed that there was no internet access and therefore I couldn’t work or check my email, so I was not even going to bring my laptop with me. However due to a last minute issue, I had to bring my laptop and the plan was for me to find an Internet Cafe or something to check my email.


Anyways and many of you know I did check my email and reply a few time since Thursday evening, it turns out that they do have internet access within the room and wireless over most of the resort. But as the front desk clerk told me they have not added phones to the rooms.


I could have blogged about this already but the “boss” wanted me to limit how much I use it and enjoy the time “Away from the Office”. The fall colours were very nice particularly on the way home, particularly the route that told us to take but that story is for another blog hence the reason why this blog post is first!


If you are up this way check out this resort; it is nice and very close to the East Gate of Algonquin Park. Here are a few pictures from the web camera on my new laptop. ( there are at least two blog post coming on that story too.)


We stayed in a Junior Suite,  the food was very good and I’m told that their wine list is also very good.


The Room


Hot tub




Our deck


Our view from the deck






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