Recently I was reading Mitch’s blog and I saw a banner Ad for CertGruard but for whatever reason Mitch has it setup so that you can’t click through to the site. Anyways I searched his blog site and found this blog post. http://mitchgarvis.com/blogs/mitch/archive/2007/03/13/certification-security.aspx


I have to agree with Mitch that I work hard for my certification that I do have and I plan on do so again for new ones that I’m working on now. That is why not to long ago, I reported to MS a few sites that where clearly “Guns for Hire” site.


So take a look at Certguard, they can help you find legal training material.




Here are some interesting stats from CertGuard.



·  Month-Year Banned/Shutdown Monthlies
Test Centers Cheaters Dump Sites Gunmen Sites
June 2007 2 8 5 2 17
July 2007 3 7 1 5 16
Totals= 5 15 6 7 33



So If you are certified be proud of it and protect yourself and your certification by reporting “brain dumps” and “Guns for Hire” sites.


If you are not certified yet, then what is stopping you? Find a study group and get going!

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