Month: September 2007

Update – Stolen iMac turned in

hummmm maybe this is not a bad idea.     “Last week a number of computers were stolen from our office in Vancouver, BC. One of those computers was a shared iMac with Flickrbooth, an app that automatically uploads photo booth shots to our flickr account, installed on it. Just this morning a friend called […]

Stolen iMac turned in

A man who attained instant infamy by unwittingly using a stolen computer to upload a shirtless self-portrait to the Internet has turned the machine over to police in Victoria. The tattooed man, whose photo has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times around the world and who suddenly found himself famous from Iceland to Brazil, […]


Recently I was reading Mitch’s blog and I saw a banner Ad for CertGruard but for whatever reason Mitch has it setup so that you can’t click through to the site. Anyways I searched his blog site and found this blog post.   I have to agree with Mitch that I work hard for […]


Looking for a grass roots technical Security conference to go to this year? Sign up today for Security Education Conference Toronto ( Dubbed the ‘Black Hat of the North’, SecTor runs two full days, November 20 – 21. The event features Keynotes from North America’s most respected and trusted experts.  Speakers are true security professionals […]

Hello!!! Anyone Home!!!

I’m sure some of you are asking where has Garth been the last few days.. Well it is twofold, first I have been on training and secondly I’m getting ready to re-format my laptop again. This time I will install Vista Business and not Ultimate! Having a Windows Experience Index of 1.0 make Ultimate useless […]

PC Issues – Day 2

I like Texas Hold’em! but not enough for me to keep this PC with Vista as I’m finding it way too slow! This PC even has 2 GB or RAM and new 7200 RPM HD! When it takes over 15 minutes to print out 10 PPT pages under Vista with Office 2007 and 3 minutes […]

PC issues

he other day I purchased a new monitor as I was tired of looking at my 17” monitor and trying to have two documents side by side.  So I order and received a new 22” monitor.  However shortly after installing it I started to see a flicker on the screen.  I found this to be […]

*** New *** ConfigMgr and SCOM certifications!!!!

I’m still catching up on my blog reading and I ran across this tidbit. So book it into your calendar! Certifications for TSFKASMS+MOM   That’s right, I’m referring to certifications for Systems Center Configuration Manager 2007 (SCCM) and Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 (SCOM): the Systems Formerly Known As SMS and MOM. If you want […]

30 year high!

The U.S. dollar traded at parity with the Canadian dollar today for the first since November 1976!!!! WOW…   To read more about it, check out.