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A few times a year the TechNet team travels across Canada delivering technical readiness sessions to IT professionals.  The tours are always focused around a particular theme, take the Core I|O Tour last fall which had branch office as a theme.  Going out for the Fall tour this year we are changing things up a bit and letting YOU vote on what YOU would like to see us come to your city and talk about.  We are hitting 10 cities across Canada in this tour on the following dates.

City Date
Winnipeg October 11th
St. John’s October 16th
Ottawa October 18th
Quebec City October 23rd
Montreal October 25th
Vancouver October 30th
Calgary November 1st
Edmonton November 6th
Regina November 8th
Toronto November 20th

Now there are a LOT of topics we could come and talk about, and with the diversity of the Canadian IT community we did have to narrow it down to a few specific themes.  The themes were picked from feedback we receive from various resources and there should be something for everyone in all of the themes.

So now it is YOUR turn.  We await YOUR vote on what YOU want to see and learn about.  Go vote, sign up for the TechNet Flash to keep up to date with the voting results and register for the event in your city.  Do you want to know how to secure your environment?  Manage a collaborative work environment?  Or plan and test a disaster recovery plan?  Let us know!  We await your decision!


I voted for Disaster Recovery. 🙂 I would have vote for something with ConfigMgr or MOM here there nothing this time.  L

I guess that means I will have to do a presentation on ConfigMgr myself to the User Group.



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