Month: August 2007

Why do I need UPS?

I’m working on a major project that requires me to have several Virtual Servers running at one time.   Well today we had some thunderstorms that knock out the power for a short time. Well I was happy because I installed UPS’s every where!   1 for the internet connect, router and network switches 1 […]

Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide

 Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) .NET Framework 2.0: Distributed Applications    2,955 .NET Framework 2.0: Web Applications     8,155 .NET Framework 2.0: Windows Applications    4,960 SQL Server 2005: Business Intelligence Development   210 SQL Server 2005        18,336 BizTalk Server 2006: Custom Applications    1,228 Business Desktop Deployment Solution Accelerator 2.0   1,925 Business Desktop Deployment with the BDD    928 Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Configuration    875 Microsoft Office Live Communications […]

Ottawa Windows Server User Group Newsletter

Newsletter for August, 2007   In this issue, you’ll read: Upcoming User Group Meetings on Sept 11th Upcoming Study Group Meetings 70-620 Vista Are you interested in a Self-Study, Study Group? Links September 11th 2007 User Group Meeting Topic: Simplified Desktop Deployment for Small and Medium Businesses Description: In this presentation, Mitch Garvis will demonstrate how […]

Did you Know? – SMSCACHESIZE

That SMSCACHESIZE ccmsetup commandline switch specifies the size of the temporary program download folder in MB or as a percentage when used with the PERCENTDISKSPACE or PERCENTFREEDISKSPACE properties. If this property is not set then the folder defaults to a maximum size of 5,120 MB.    

Find all PC with Vista Video Requirements

This query will find PCs with DirectX 9C, 128MB of Video RAM, and 32bit per pixel. SELECT  CS.Name0, CS.UserName0, DX.Version0, DX.InstalledVersion0, VC.AdapterRAM0, VC.CurrentBitsPerPixel0 FROM v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CS, v_GS_DirectX0 DX, v_GS_VIDEO_CONTROLLER VC WHERE  DX.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID AND VC.ResourceID = CS.ResourceID AND VC.AdapterRAM0 >= 130000 AND VC.CurrentBitsPerPixel0>=32 AND DX.Version0 like ‘4.09%’ :

Have you voted?

Stolen from CanItPro Blog RSS A few times a year the TechNet team travels across Canada delivering technical readiness sessions to IT professionals.  The tours are always focused around a particular theme, take the Core I|O Tour last fall which had branch office as a theme.  Going out for the Fall tour this […]