Month: July 2007

Microsoft Office Visio Stencil Containing Shapes for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

This stencil and template provided enable you to create Visio drawings that contain Exchange Server 2007 objects. These shapes include icons for Exchange 2007 server roles, networking, telephony and Unified Messaging objects, Active Directory and directory service objects, client computers and devices, and other Exchange organization elements. So when will they produce a ConfigMgr […]

SQL and Strings

This question was asked yesterday “…The SiteSystem and SiteObject columns return data that looks like this: MSWNET:\\Server\Share\ What I expect to see, (what I see in the console) is this: \\Server\Share Can anyone point me in the correct direction?” Here is the answer Select replace (left(SiteSystem,charindex(‘MSWNET’,SiteSystem)-3),'[“Display=’,”), SiteCode, replace (left(SiteObject,charindex(‘MSWNET’,SiteObject)-3),'[“Display=’,”) as ‘Storage Object’, Role, cast (BytesTotal/1024/1024 […]

Regenerate SQL Views

I’m not sure how this SQL task was created on only some of the site servers and not others, I could have created it myself however, for those that don’t have it. This is how you create it.   From you SMS console:   Drill down to “Site Database | <your site code> | Site […]