Month: June 2007

Energize IT Pod casts

If you want a laugh check out this pod cast from the Energize IT Event!   You can hear the rest of the pod casts from the Energize IT event here.      


If you’re running an Exchange server at home and have a BB there now appears to be a “free” option from RIM to get you a BES good for 1 device at no charge. You just have to enter your device PIN and you’re off to the races…    

Energize IT Event

It is now the day after the Energize IT Event for me I have bee in Toronto since Thursday getting and helping out for this event. Here are a few of the people who made this event possible. Jeff   Jeff and Kerry John and Jeff Sim (Working the camcorder) Ruth (middle) along with 2 […]

Count of Installed Software Categories by Normalized publisher name.

SELECT ISC.NormalizedPublisher, Count(ISC.NormalizedPublisher) AS ‘Count’ FROM v_GS_Installed_Software_Categorized ISC GROUP BY ISC.NormalizedPublisher ORDER BY ISC.NormalizedPublisher   I still like how even though the name is normalized that there are still server Microsoft entries within the “normalized” output. You would have though that they would have fixed that for themselves.