Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is titled “SMS 2003 Resource Management”, and in this chapter Rod talks about Site Assignment, Collections and Client Heath Reporting.


One of the most overlooked add-ons to SMS is the client health tool. This tool is used to help detect problem with your client, and point you in the right direction to resolving the issues.


The most important item in the chapter is the subset collection. Rod does not touch on this too much but it is one of the most often asked questions. There are a few things to remember here.

  • Most subset queries are use for collections, i.e. “All workstations without MS Access”
  • Most if not all WQL query for SMS 2.0 can be used for SMS 2003.
  • Almost every SMS blog, site etc. will have something on subset WQL queries, (however I don’t yet… It’s on my to-do list, one for WQL and one for SQL)


If you can’t wait for my blog post on subsets here is a one for you now.



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