Month: April 2007

Future of the Server Room Tour

     How do you take control of your infrastructure? Start by taking a look inside your server room now—and make sure you have the right tools and technologies in place to leverage it in the future. At the Future of the Server Room Tour ’07, you can get a sneak peek of what your […]

Microsoft System Centre Essentials 2007 User Group Tour

System Center Essentials 2007 is a new management solution in the System Center family of IT systems management products specifically designed for small and midsized businesses. System Center Essentials 2007 provides a unified management solution that enables IT professionals in small to midsize organizations to proactively manage their IT environment with increased efficiency.  Join us […]

User History

Find the user history for a PC. SELECT DISTINCT GS.Name0, CSH.TimeStamp, CSH.UserName0FROM v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM GS, v_HS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CSHWHERE GS.ResourceID = CSH.ResourceID AND CSH.UserName0 Is Not Null AND GS.Name0= ‘Computer Name Here’ORDER BY CSH.TimeStamp Hope you find this useful.

Fun links

Rock N Roll   Hockey Back!!!   Just for Rod!!!   The Original version “Just for Rod!!!”      

Computer System (Updated)

A while back I enabled a few attributes within the Win32_ComputerSystem Class   Well it has been a few weeks and the following attributes have not returned any data to my SMS database.   InitialLoadInfo InstallDate LastLoadInfo NameFormat OEMLogoBitmap PowerManagementCapabilities PowerManagementSupported PrimaryOwnerContact SupportContactDescription   Most of the other attributes that I enabled did not […]

Why become a SIG vs User Group

Every so often I get asked what is it like to run a user group. The answer is a lot of hard work and there can be a lot of time commitments as well.   After running the Ottawa Windows Server User Group ( for a few years now I am a STRONG believer that […]

SMS Log files

I was asked the other day how I know what log files to look at within SMS when troubleshooting. Like many long time SMS Administrators, the answer is you just know and those that you don’t you lookup on your cheat sheet.   What is my cheat sheet? A list of log files that are […]

Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is titled “The SMS Community”, and in this chapter Rod talks about Add-on Tools and Support groups.   The best quote from this chapter is the first line of this chapter. “… another reason why I think SMS 2003 is one of the best systems management products is the SMS community”. I couldn’t […]


While writing a number of reports for a client, I came across this bug:   Titles within SMS Web report are incorrectly set and renamed to inappropriate column titles.   To demonstrate the issue I created a SMS web report using the following SQL statement:   Select   v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Name0 as ‘Name’,             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM.Domain0 as ‘Domain’, […]

Pro SMS 2003 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is titled “SMS Feature Packs”, and in this chapter Rod talks about OS, BDD, Device Management, Administrator feature packs.   This is another one of those chapters that is useful for everyone to read, particularly if you don’t already use Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) to image all of your workstations. This chapter focuses […]