MMS 2007

Well I’m off to MMS today. Hopefully American Airline does not mess up this time and lose my luggage as they did the last time I flew with them. And let’s hope that I don’t sit on the tarmac in Chicago for 4 ½ hours again either. Otherwise I will never flight through Chicago again! I will pay extra to avoid such a disorganize airport, until January you would never have heard me say that Toronto was a good airport but compared to Chicago, Toronto is a dream!


<RANT Mode ON>

In this day and age there is not excuse for Chicago airport to not have de-icing stations on the tarmac instead of at the gate! If this was Mexico or Cancun where it almost never gets snows then I can understand a problem like this but Chicago gets snow all the time!


To make matter worse I’m surprise that during my last ordeal January 21 neither American Airline nor United Airline seem to care that they have inconvenience a large number of people. Nor do they seem to recognize that Chicago airport as they are the source of the delays. Neither seems to realize that Chicago airport is directly affecting the profitability of both airlines and that they should boycott the airport until Chicago airport authority does something to fix this issue!


After talking to a large number of people at the last MS Airlift / Conference, I was not surprised to find out that many people have had a bad experience with Chicago airport and most believe that the City of Chicago should be embarrassed to have such a bad airport that most people that I talked to avoid Chicago like the plague.




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