Do you need to know more about your physical RAM?

This MOF mod will help you gather more information about your Physical RAM.


[ SMS_Report (TRUE), SMS_Group_Name (“Physical Memory”), SMS_Class_ID (“MICROSOFT|Physical_Memory|1.0”) ]

class Win32_PhysicalMemory : SMS_Class_Template
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    string    BankLabel;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    uint64   Capacity;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    string    Caption;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    string    DeviceLocator[];
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    uint16   FormFactor;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    string    Manufacturer;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    uint16   MemoryType;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    uint32   PositionInRow;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE)]                    uint32   Speed;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE),Key]            string    Tag;
    [SMS_Report (TRUE),Key]            string    CreationClassName;


Should I do up a few report base on this information?

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