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Custom Introduction DVD


I have two Custom Introduction DVDs and I have to say that they are cool!


Currently I own two Intro DVDs.


Cinemawise Movie Night Custom Megaplex Ultra


However while finding the link for CeRT and found out that BitStream is release a new Intro DVD called Tiko and the pre-order price is extremely reasonable even for Canadians with Shipping. The standard messages cost $12.99 per DVD + $7.50 shipping or $69.99 for the fully customized intro.


The standard messages are:

And Now for Our Feature Presentation!

Enjoy the Show!

Welcome to Our Home Theater!  (US spelling)


I have ordered mine with DTS 6.1, Cooooll


This led me to look for a few more DVD intros and I found yet another reasonably priced one. So I also ordered the stand version of this one as well. Since it looks original vs some of the others and hey for $30 how could I go wrong?


Once they arrive I will let you know what I think of them. But in the mean time check out the previews for both.


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