Month: February 2007

Software Metering Console view.

Over the next few days / weeks, I will show how to expand the basic query below to resemble this view within the SMS Console.     SELECT             MPR.ProductName,             MPR.OriginalFileName,             MPR.FileName,             MPR.FileVersion,             MPR.LanguageID,             MPR.SourceSite,             MPR.ApplyToChildSites,             MPR.Enabled,             MPR.SecurityKey FROM             v_MeteredProductRule MPR order by             MPR.SecurityKey   […]

Find all workstation that have not rebooting in a week.

User this query to find all workstations that have not rebooted in a week, simple version.   SELECT             CS.Name0 as ‘PC Name’,             CS.UserName0 as ‘User ID’,             OS.lastbootuptime0 as ‘Boot Time’ FROM             v_GS_COMPUTER_SYSTEM CS,             v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM OS WHERE             CS.ResourceID = OS.ResourceID             and datediff(dd,lastbootuptime0, Getdate()) > 7

Fun links

The internet if full of stuff, most of it you will never see. Every so often I like to see what is out there and the best way I have found to find some new and interesting web site is to use a random site link.   Random Site Links […]

Inventory Names

Yesterday someone asked the following question within the SMS Mailing list. However I needed access to my SMS db before I could answer them, plus I though that this would be a good blog post for today.   “Does anyone know of the best way to export any customizations that you have added to the […]

Airlift Day 2 aka final day

Day two started off the same as day one, 2 hours of death by PowerPoint, just when you though that the day would be like that all Sajid started with the hands on labs.   Today’s labs where: Deploying Adobe Reader Upgrading Adobe Reader (neat) Troubleshooting tips   To close out the day, Sajid and […]

SoftGrid Airlift Day 1

Nothing listed here falls under the NDA content presented at this airlift. I asked. 😉   1)      We need lab manuals!!! 2)      Food is much better that at the MS Office! 3)      AV needs work 4)      Audio need a bit of work.   Now for the SoftGrid stuff. I can see what this could be […]


We have enable a few of my past web cast on the site mostly on SMS 2.0. More will be added later so keep checking back.   Windows 2003 R2 – What is New?     Adding to SMS Machine Details Web Report     Common Problems Encountered with SMS Web Reports […]

CPU Socket type

The report will tell you what type of CPU socket types you have.   select socketdesignation0 as ‘Socket type’, count(socketdesignation0) as ‘Count’ from v_GS_PROCESSOR group by socketdesignation0 order by socketdesignation0