The title is a Red Herring, long story but the short version is the airlift is under a NDA so we are not suppose to blog about it. However there is nothing that says that I can’t blog about the restaurants that I ate at.


So last night I was invite to go out for dinner. It was suggested that we try this Brazilian restaurant. The restaurant suggested was Ipanema Brazilian Grill (The link is for Framingham, MA location). Kevin told us that you need to have a good appetite for this place.  We all agreed that we did have a good appetite. Off we went to Seattle.


What can I say about this place:


Atmosphere: Just like any other restaurant.

Drinks: Just like any other restaurant.

Food: WOW!!!!


They keep bring different type of roasted meat


Garlic Steak

Steak and cheese

Bacon wrapped turkey

Bacon wrapped Steak

Bacon wrapper Pepper steak

Pepper steak


Garlic Pork

Chicken wings



Lamb, oh the lamb was so good!!!


I am going to try out this place in San Diego.


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