Month: January 2007

PCs by Timeframe

I was reading Paul Thomsen blog about “Counting Computers”, I agree with him as it does make a difference how many PC you have when you are talking about Asset management vs Patch management. So here is a query to help you count the number of PCs within a given time frame.   Declare @14 […]

Site Summarizer Query

 This query will mimic the heath of SMS site status within the console.   SELECT case Summarizer_SiteSystem.Status             When ‘0’ then ‘Green/OK’             When ‘1’ Then ‘Yellow/Warning’             When ‘2’ then ‘Red/Error’             else ‘Red/No Status’ end as ‘Status’, Summarizer_SiteSystem.SiteCode as ‘Site Code’, Summarizer_SiteSystem.SiteObject, Summarizer_SiteSystem.Role as ‘Role’, Summarizer_SiteSystem.DownSince as ‘Down Since’, Summarizer_SiteSystem.TimeReported as ‘Date’ FROM […]

Canadian Softgrid Technical Partner Airlift

MS Canada is putting on a Softgrid airlift on February 20-21 in Mississauga. This is a 300 level course. See you there. Overview:Microsoft customers are generating significant demand for Softgrid as it is an innovative Application Virtualization technology to address traditional pains around application support across multiple Operating Systems.  Softgrid, provides customers the ability to […]

Fun Links

Web Sudoku     Fun Tracking Money   Canadian   USA   Me     Stock tip, they have the World’s Best Coffee!!!


 The title is a Red Herring, long story but the short version is the airlift is under a NDA so we are not suppose to blog about it. However there is nothing that says that I can’t blog about the restaurants that I ate at.   So last night I was invite to go out […]

Sysinternals Suite

The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files.

Did you know… Part 3

Well this update is a little late but better late than never.   After a full week of the case being open, I finally got someone to start working on my case, a guy by the name of Wesley M., Wesley and I talk about my issue and he reviewed my test application. Wesley fairly […]

BDD 2007 Course

Do you want to get hands on training with BDD 2007?   Well I recently ran into instructor of this course, after talking to her for a bit, I can see where this course could be a good idea for many, included those who boss will not give them the time to don’t to setup […]

Mapped Drives

I was reading within the newsgroup a question about how to get mapped drives within SMS. I post a message telling the gentleman to use the SMSExpert Datashift vb script. Anyways he had a problem with data returning to SMS. After many emailsI wanted to test it in my test lab so here are the […]