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Blog Statistic

Recently I was asked about stats for my blog, so instead of guessing what the stats are I created a SQL query to figure it out.   So with out further ado here are the stats from April 1 2007 until this just before this post.  Number of post                        325 Total # of web views                […]

Hourly posting status.

Why am I posting this information well, 2 reasons.   1)      Someone asked me how I could ensure that I posted once per day and the answer is I pre-posted lots of posts. As you can tell I used hour between 6-7 am (7-8 EST) for pre-posted blogs. Just because… 2)      Ever so often I would […]

Top 50 posts for 2007

Total Title Web Views RSS Views 1117 One more reason to use v_GS_Computer_System vs v_R_System 748 369 989 SMS Log files 572 417 928 Number of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide 611 317 872 What are my top 25 post? 256 616 859 Ottawa Windows Server User Group Newsletter 512 347 846 What is the average […]

365 posts

Well, with this post I have now officially met my goal of one blog post per day for a year, sort of. J The year actually will end on Jan 2 2008. There have been  few things that I have noticed while doing this. Each post is not the same as the next, and what […]

Bump Rant

Lately I have been seeing a lot more of the “bump” being used within the mailing list, forums, and newsgroups!   What “bump” tells me is that the person doing it couldn’t be bothered to re-read their issue and re-write it to provide more details and so that it piques someone’s interest. Don’t get me […]

MDOP Updates Available (SP1)

Some recently published updates on Softgrid and MDOP which I thought you may all enjoy !!!  Have a great weekend   DART: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=5d600369-0554-4595-8ab4-c34b2860e087&displaylang=en   SoftGrid 4.1 SP1 is posted on the external download.microsoft.com website: SoftGrid Sequencer ( http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/6/c/06cf3aac-347e-4e42-9355-fcfcec3c7f43/SoftGrid_sequencer_setup_4.1.1.303.exe   SoftGrid Server ( http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/f/c/afc8cf1f-d271-426e-923a-b04a34674c3c/SoftGrid_server_setup_4.1.1.302.exe   SoftGrid for Windows Terminal Services ( http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/0/1/f01b4fcd-8778-4e49-b56c-7ae6ab72f6ff/SoftGrid_ts_setup_4.1.1.302.exe   SoftGrid for Windows […]

What are my top 25 post?

Here are the top 25 post for my Blog, I did it out of interest only. Total Title Web Views RSS Views 275 Airlift 182 93 221 Did you know… update 2, a week later! 177 44 221 How to create a report with two columns from different queries? 156 65 214 Software Metering Console […]