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MMS 2012

Well MMS 2012 is over and it has been crazy for me. Here is the summary of what happened:   My passport expired so had to get a new one, I picked it up on Thursday just before I left for Vegas I know my luggage would be close to being overweight, so I didn’t […]

When I’m 107!

This is just too good to not share! So I received my MasterCard Statement this month and there is a new law in Canada which requires Credit Card companies to tell you how long it will take to pay off your current balance assuming that you make only make the minimum payments. This month is […]

Sunday Morning Funnies!!!

This morning I woke up late after I booked a few hours in my calendar last night to just “walk away” from my PC. Even before starting to make coffee, I pushed the power button on my laptop, Then started to make coffee! Now that the coffee is brewing, I started the triage of my […]

SMSUG.ca Forums

I have decided that the forums on www.SMSUG.ca are not being used and due to some SPAMMER populating the membership list, I have closed them down. This is a good thing as it means I will arrange for the site to be convert to a blog only site. With the new site will come a […]


I have to laugh at this item that is for sale on www.UsedOttawa.com !   Every so often I go looking to see what is for sale, anyways I keep running to the this AD where some guys is trying to sell “Brand new Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003”! That right BETA 2! […]