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SQL and virtual technologies

Last night I was at the Ottawa SQL Group event helping out and I found out an interesting tidbit. This tidbit is only for production environments only, in Dev or in test labs, anything goes. SQL 2000 are NOT supported under at virtualization product! Now some people are going to asked about SQL 2005 & […]

Tech-days Button

As I posted the other day I will be speaking at Tech-days, Anyways each track is colour coded and both Brad and I will be presenting in the “Green” track in Ottawa.   Why I’m on telling you this, well it is simple, when you arrive at Techdays you will be asked which Track button […]

What is Goal 8?

Well, this morning I passed this exam 70-652 and this put me one step closer to becoming a “Microsoft Certified Non-Professional in AOS: Server Virtualization”! I hope they change the title of that certification! Well I have set a personal target of passing 15 exams by Dec 10th 2008, that date will be 1 year […]