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SRS and Twitter

So last night I was at the OttawaSQL.Net UG meeting, Colin Melia did a 400 Level (really it was a 500+, truly a deep dive!) about using SRS to collect data from different data source. Anyways, Colin used Ashton Kutcher twitter account http://twitter.com/APlusK as a data source and displayed a chart of times when he […]

Dell on Twitter!!!

For US http://twitter.com/DellOutlet   For Canada http://twitter.com/DellHomeSalesCA   For Brasil http://twitter.com/DellnoBrasil   For UK http://twitter.com/DellOutletUK   For Mexico http://twitter.com/Ofertas_Dell_MX   For Australia http://twitter.com/DellHomeSalesAU   For Small Businesses http://twitter.com/DellSmBizOffers   I’m sure Angie, Greg, Warren and Donnie will post a few more!

Don’t Do It

Here is yet another reason why you should not fly though O’hare! I will not do it again! (It is the only airport that I’m aware in a Snow zone that clearly does not know how to handle snow) Plus United loss my luggage for 3 days! And the would not provide any compensation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo

Today’s Fun link!

  Today I was reading the myITforum newsletter http://www.myitforum.com/absolutenl/nls/20090709.htm. So after checking out at all the article and forum posts, I checked out the “Today’s Fun Click”. I started to LOL when I saw this.

New use for Twitter

It summer! Last night I was sitting on a patio talking with some friends. The subject came up what things we like to do during a teen years. Well the drive-in was tops on everyone list. This reminded me that there is a drive-in about 45 minutes away from my place. So today, While working […]


  To quote Ellen’s Facebook page..   “We have a dog in the house again, and this one is finally ours to keep. Yesterday we brought home a four-year-old Labrador Retreiver (black of course). She’s a country girl, and has lived all her life so far in the Lanark Highlands with lots of room to […]

We are now +1

Well not really but Ellen and I did drove out to the a Labrador breeder today and we picked up a new Labrador. She is not a puppy but a 4 year old dog who was a show champion show dog too! More to come on that later, or check out Ellen’s facebook page, I’m […]