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Macon Whoppie

Drink type: Summer Glassware: Collins Mixing: Shaken 1 oz Morgan’s Spiced Rum ½ oz Southern Comfort ½ oz Peach Schnapps Topped with Soda Story: While working on my homework J, Rueben say make a drink based on where John, Rueben’s bother lives, Macon, Goergia! One of the sports teams in Macon is named after the […]

Oh Cow!

Drink type: Nightcap Glassware:  Rox Mixing: Shaken             1 oz Cream 1 oz Cream de Cacao 1 oz Oh Canada! or Sortilège   Story: Sortilège is liquor that one of my old office mates introduced me too. Normally I we drink this one the rocks. However because of the bartending course, I thought that I […]

Cherry Blossom

Drink type: Shooter Glassware: Shooter Mixing: n/a   1/3 Frangelico 1/3 Cream de Cacao 1/3 Cherry Brandy   Story: Ellen like frangelico, so I try to make something that she would like. Rating: Ellen: “I liked it” Me: It taste just like the Cherry Blossom

Aventura Honeymoon

Drink type: Nightcap Glassware:  Old Fashion Mixing: Shaken   1 oz Cream 1 oz Cream de Cacao 1 oz Xtabentún   Story: Xtabentun is a liquor that Ellen and I were introduced to on our honeymoon and as you can guess from the name we when to Aventura Spa Palace.  Generally we like Xtabentun as […]