MMS 2012

Well MMS 2012 is over and it has been crazy for me. Here is the summary of what happened:


  • My passport expired so had to get a new one, I picked it up on Thursday just before I left for Vegas
  • I know my luggage would be close to being overweight, so I didn’t bring a few things like shaving cream. I’m glad Walgreens is right there.
  • I arrive at the airport and find out my luggage weight 49.8 lbs., Max is 50 lbs.!


    •  So I know that a few people ask what the deal was with my luggage and it was so heavy. Well you would think that it was because I over packed or something like that. Nope, thanks to tips for both Ed and Rory over the years, I have slowly learn to not over pack. So what was it?
    • 2-1L bottles of Maple syrup from  Stanley’s farm, Your welcome Kenny.
    • 2-750 ml bottle of Rum. Long story.
    • Both weight in a 14 lbs.!


  • I had no problems with either US Customs or my flights!!! <knock on wood>
  • Booth looked great
  • The Pink Shirt, do I need to say any more. Lara got over 200 Tweets about this!
  • MIF party as always, it was great
  • Peter D. won our TV.
  • The Meet and Geek was cool
  • The closing party was good, I would say it ranks as the second best in MMS history
  • Me with Wally
  • Winning the CM12 Expert Quiz was nice but betting Wally was better.  Here is the trophy!
  • One last tidbit, my luggage was 50.5 lbs. returning home, go figure!

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