Samsung “Galaxy” aka GT-I7500L

Well, I purchase an Samsung Galaxy (GT-I7500L) on Friday. Over the weekend I played with it, setting it up and download the desktop sync software (dated Mar 10 2010!), etc. I ran into some issues with the software and the phone.

Today I went back to the Bell store where I purchased this phone. To talk about issues I’m having with it. Although the store staff was helpful their hand are tied as to what they can do. So I got home and called Samsung Canada. I finally got to their mobile device support person. She started with a ton of irrelevant questions. I finally cut her off an said this is my problem.

My problem is that “Samsung New PC Studio” does not work with Windows 7.

She tells me that “She is sorry about that but Samsung will be coming out with a new version in the next year to solve that.”

I say “In the next year! What should I do until it come out?”


I ask “Will be finally support x64 bit OS?”

Paraphrasing her, “Basically, she doubts it!”

Ask to talk to a supervisors and I was told that they will not talk to me because it was a software issue.

Again paraphrasing her, “Basically, I can do is wait and maybe if I’m lucky will Bell / Samsung do something to fix this.”

So I ask you “the community”, Is it realist that a manufacture in this day and age, to still not support 64bit OS? Windows XP x64 came out 8+ years ago (Oct 21 2001)!

Windows 7 was released on July 22, 2009, should it take them this long to support it too?


I truly want to hear your feedback on this! am I being unrealistic to think that both Windows 7 and x64 bit OS should be supported?

Also what I want to know is, when will MS start “putting the screws” to companies that don’t support x64 OS? It is nuts that x64 OS are not supported.

BTW, I’m looking up the tech support number for Blackberry now, if they support Windows 7 on a x64bit OS, this Samsung is going back!

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