I have to laugh at this item that is for sale on !


Every so often I go looking to see what is for sale, anyways I keep running to the this AD where some guys is trying to sell “Brand new Microsoft Office System Beta 2 Kit 2003”! That right BETA 2! Now the first thing to note is that it is illegal to sell MS Beta software! The second and more importantly is, this software has built in expiry date, and I guarantee that date has long since come and gone!


Now it not like he is trying to sell it for $5, not he trying to get $100 for this! So what is he selling you?  A couple of DVDs with software that you can’t use! Hun?? Why? Who does he thing will buy this? My guess is a sucker, who want office on the Cheap! For $149 you can get “Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007


So remember when buying anything from anyone the old say “Caveat emptor” or in English “Let the buyer beware!”, This is particularly true for stuff that you purchase from Internet website like UsedOttawa, Kijiji and Craigslist.


BTW, He renew the AD every month but when I see it, I report it to UsedOttawa team, however I’m not sure that they have ever done anything about the Ads or this guy! Here is the Ad if you want to laugh at it! Even funnier is it shows up when I search for “server”, What does Office 2003 have to do with servers?


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