Stepping Down

Well it is official, as of Thursday Aug 20th 2009, I have step down as President of OWSUG. I have been running the OWSUG since 2003! and it is about time to pass the reins on to someone else, and that someone else is Brad Bird. With this change to OWSUG, we have worked to increase the number of people within the user group executive committee and started to review the process of how to improve the OWSUG.

But I’m not going anywhere! I will assume the “Past President” role and will mentor all executive members this year to help ensure that the OWSUG will continue without issues.

So what is coming this year with the OWSUG? Well I will not spoil Brad’s fun but I’m sure that he will announce the study group for this fall very shortly. I will also tell you that the first 2 UG group meetings have been booked and all the events dates have been decided too. To be honest, this could be the best year yet for the OWSUG and it is up to YOU to help make it that way! So I encourage you to offer your help to Brad and the whole executive group. Remember that Brad et al, will need your help deciding which topics to present to the OWSUG, so make sure that you tell him what you want to see.

So some of you will ask what does that mean for me? Well as I stated above I am not going anywhere however I will be taking a much smaller role in the UG. I’m fairly sure that I will be in January’s study group. (Hint, Hint) J If you are not sure of the hint look here. I will be spending a bit more time with the user group, Mark Carriere has taken on a new job and we need a bit more activity on the site. (If you are a System Center person and want to give back to your community, feel free to contact myself or Mark.) For my non-user group stuff I will be spending a lot more time designing new products and services for Enhansoft, I’m excited about the new products and service offerings that we have designed and some are coming out shortly too. Maybe, just maybe, I will offer to present to the OWSUG on ConfigMgr R2 or something along those lines.

So, are you ready for a new user group season? And remember if you want the best user group even then Brad et al need your help! Watch his blog for details!

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